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Submitted on
March 29, 2007


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I've been thinking of a fun community project for all emoticonists and any keen writers.
I am holding an emoticonist monthly.
I have sent notes to many emoticonists to see if they wish to partake.
It will be a paper on emoticon news and updates and of course a feature of someone.

Anyone can join. Just comment this journal.
I'm not just looking for writers though.
People who can give me solid facts can join too -
Things like who got DD's for emoticons this month!

If you would like to write an article.
Write it in an email or attach it to an email marked:
To this email:

You could write anything:
An emoticon you have enjoyed this month.
Or about your experience of finding your message box flooded with :+fav:s when you got a DD!

If you aren't english, write something in broken english and I'll improve it - we are looking for anything.

The deadline is: April 30th.
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Lazarus-D Apr 20, 2007  Professional General Artist
I've been told that I'm an excellent writer, but I wouldn't know what to write about yet... Perhaps next month, when I'm out of school, I could put something together for the next installment. I'll be sure to refer back here for any ideas beforehand nevertheless!
Thanks very much!
I cant wait!
Kermodog Apr 8, 2007
dunno wat i shuld do :|
shelks Mar 31, 2007   Interface Designer
I hopes this goes well!
Thank you very much.
Do you want to write an article?
shelks Apr 1, 2007   Interface Designer
i'm not too sure yet but i'll pm you if i do
Lilabelle Mar 31, 2007   Digital Artist
Mmm...a little interested, not overly though...
We count me in, as soon as I found someone who will check the english for me.
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